Winter Maintenance Tips For your Static Caravan

Static Caravan Maintenance
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So, as another UK winter approaches its time to think about those maintenance jobs to help with the general upkeep of your holiday home and static caravan. Most modern static caravans these days are built using modern materials and weather resistant materials and are designed and constructed to minimize the exterior maintenance throughout the year. However, the weather can take its toll on our holiday homes so here are a few tips to help your static home to remain in a great condition for next season and beyond.

Static Caravan Exterior Maintenance

The build-up of grime and dirt on the outside of your static caravan encourages damp and moisture to cling which can increase the deterioration and weathering. We recommend a thorough wash down either by hand or pressure wash.

Roof & Guttering

Moss and dead leaves will build up on the roofs of caravans which will encourage damp and deterioration, and along with leaves can block the guttering. A clear gutter is essential to ensure the rainwater is taken directly away from the static caravan as quickly as possible. It is, therefore, important to check guttering regularly and remove leaves, moss, and debris.

Checking The Anchorage Of Your Static Caravan

Secure your caravan so that it is safe during a possible harsh winter. Check for the build-up of rust and report any major faults to the park owners. Make sure the debris and vegetation are removed from under and around the caravan helping air to circulate and prevent any possible dampness.

Water Tank Maintenance

Make sure that the water tank is cleaned and add anti-freeze the whole system to prevent the pipes from breaking in the depths of winter.

Static Caravan Windows

Before the caravan is locked for the winter it is good practice to check all the windows to ensure that they are in good working order. Damage of the rubber seals or maybe loose windows will only worsen in the winter months with the high winds so now maybe a good time to change those faulty ones. Check the locks and any window alarms are in working order at the same time.

Gas And Electrics

All gas and electrical systems should be isolated when the holiday home is left empty for the winter.

Condensation In Static Caravans

To help prevent the build-up of condensation and damp within the holiday home some owners leave out dehumidifier crystals, moisture traps or salt bowls to absorb the damp. The build-up of condensation is inevitable throughout the winter and these measures are a way of keeping condensation to a controllable level. Read our handy condensation in static caravans blog!

Used Static Caravans Cornwall

Buying a used static caravan is the perfect way to enjoy the luxury of your own holiday home at a more affordable cost than a new static caravan. We offer a comprehensive range of used static caravans Cornwall. Our used static static are available to buy and also available as holiday homes. We can offer our customers the necessary expertise required to help them find the perfect holiday home for them.

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