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What To Consider When Buying A Mobile Home

Buying A Used Static Caravan

If you are considering buying a static caravan or mobile home (for its misleading name), there are a few important things to consider. Just like buying a new or used car – the price will depend on the condition. Caravans are no different, ranging hugely between prices.

Many pre-owned static caravans will have looked after their caravan like it was their home, and many owners treat their static caravans as if they also were their homes. KC Caravans provide these high ends, new and used caravans and know what to consider when buying a mobile home.

Used Static Caravans Cornwall

Costs will vary when it comes to buying a used static caravan in Cornwall. Newer used static caravans will be more expensive however, the costs for transportation, site commission and an added premium could be included if it was based in pre-existing a site. A new static caravan will mean it will require transporting to a new site, commissioning and that added premium.

It is always important to ask the site owner how long you can keep a mobile home for before it needs replacing.

For some there is no limit, however a majority have a 15 year maximum allowance. Would you justify spending a large amount of money on a new caravan with 15 years left? Or does it make more sense to purchase a used static caravan with 12 or even 13 years left if only 3 years old for a cheaper cost.

Where To Site Your Second Hand Mobile Home?

This is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to staycations. All mobile home parks come with facilities for a variety of ages. Meaning it is important to choose the park appropriately for your or your family’s interests.

If you are after peace and quiet – then these family parks may not be suitable – what with children play areas and entertainment facilities. Or somewhere more rural could be your fancy as it has peaceful surroundings – the decision needs to be thoroughly though out!

Check Your Park For Flooding

Unfortunately, we have had a rise in the amount of floods that take place on caravan parks throughout the UK. It is therefore always worth checking your sites vulnerability against floods.

All United Kingdom residents have access to their won country’s flood maps/area in order to best plan their mobile home pitch

Buying A Used Mobile Home

It is also important to consider factors such as whether the park allows for dogs, as this could change your planning. Or whether you can rent out your mobile home when not in sure as a sub-let. Not all parks will allow this and therefore is important to research before arrival.

When Will You Use Your Holiday Home?

Many holiday parks tend to close during the winter, leaving you with a window of time in which can be spent with your holiday home. This is due to the weather and for the owners to carry out essential maintenance. Static caravans are also not able to use their vans all year.

KC Caravans knows the prime time to choose a staycation mobile home. Contact us today for more information.

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