Top Tips For Buying A Static Caravan

Buying A Staic Caravan
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When buying your first static caravan, it is so very important to take a couple of things into consideration to make the entire process as smooth as possible. In fact, buying the caravan is simple enough, but there are a couple of pitfalls to keep in mind.

Why Do You Want To Buy A Static Caravan

A bit of a daft question I know, but do not regret your decision a couple of months down the line because you neglected to think about why you wanted to buy a caravan in the first place. Here are a couple of the most important things to think about when considering why you want to buy a static caravan – and they are great reasons:

One of the best things about owning a static caravan is the ability to go on affordable UK holidays whenever you desire. For example, you could easily go on a holiday to a nearby caravan park whenever you feel like it and you don’t need to worry about buying tickets for a plane, paying for car parking and booking a hotel.

Weekend breaks and short holidays – Another massive plus with owning a static caravan is that you can have flexible holidays and weekend breaks whenever you want.

Static caravans give a holiday that suits all the family – Caravan holidays are almost perfect for the whole family and not just for a certain group of people. You can go for a static caravan break to relax and chill; you can go to a rural setting to indulge in the sites or you can go to one that’s close to a golfing course maybe.

Static Caravan Locations In The UK

When buying a new static caravan, it’s vital that you pick the right location. Make sure you think hard about the location because it’s going to completely change the experience you get. There are some fantastic parks in Cornwall that all offer activities and attractions to make it worth your time, but it’s just one example of the many locations you could consider for your own holiday home.

The location you pick will make a huge difference in how much you’ll end up paying and the overall experience you can expect, so don’t skip this step and don’t just go for the nearest site to you – visit somehwere new!

New V Used Static Caravans

The next tip is picking between a used and new static caravans. In most cases, a new caravan is going to cost significantly more but you’ll get far more new advantages and updates to your caravan as it is a lot newer. For example, there might be more modern amenities and the model or layout of the caravan might be better suited for your families needs.

Investing in a static caravan is no doubt expensive, which is why we’d recommend you take a look at some of the caravans we have on offer to help you decide for the future. We also offer finance packages to make purchasing a more expensive caravan still somewhat affordable.

What Running Costs Are There With Static Caravans

Estimating your running costs will be the next top tip. Running a caravan is fairly straightforward but that doesn’t mean you’ll be exempt from running costs. Here are a couple of the most common expenses to think about when purchasing a caravan:

  • Annual sites fees for the park – The park you purchase a caravan at will have annual site fees.
  • Insurance payments – You will have to insure your caravan at some stage to protect it from damage and theft.
  • Utility bills – You’re going to need to pay for water, gas and electricity.
  • Gas safety check – Carry out a gas safety inspection to ensure that your boiler and fire services are safe.
  • Drain down charges for winter – Caravan owners hate frost damage, especially after a long winter period.
  • Travel costs – Don’t forget that you’ll also need to pay to actually get to your caravan. This means any train tickets or petrol fees that it costs to travel to the park itself.
  • Maintenance costs – Lastly, don’t forget about general maintenance costs such as cleaning which is handled by your site.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

Stocking the highest quality new and used static caravans, mobile homes and lodges is what we do here at Keith Cheesewright. We take great pride in providing all our customers with the best new and used mobile homes in the South West. If you are looking for static caravans for sale Cornwall, then you have come to the right place. At KC Caravans, we stock and sell a huge range of quality used and new static caravans. Our static and mobile homes are available to buy throughout the UK including Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. The mobile homes and caravans we supply come from some of the top manufacturers including; Willerby, Lisset, Cosalt, Atlas and many more.

So, if you wish to view our extensive range of new and used static caravans, pop along to our showroom here in St Austell today. One of our experts will be happy to show you around and help you find the perfect holiday home for you.

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