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Five Tips For Buying A Used Static Caravan

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If you’ve seen a used static caravan for sale, then you may be wondering what to look out for. Mobile homes are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to classic accommodation. However, with so many on the market, it’s important you determine the condition before you buy.

As a result, we’ve put together these five tips on buying a used static caravan, to ensure you don’t invest in a poorly maintained home.

How Old Is The Caravan?

All used static caravans should come with paperwork that dictates its age and previous owners. This way you can be confident in who has owned it and how well they’ve looked after it. The number of owners is also a good indicator of its value. Generally speaking, if it’s changed hands a lot, it’s probably been transported many times which brings wear and tear.

Additionally, there is a chance that a used caravan with an abnormal number of owners could be a sign there’s something wrong with it. If this is the case, make sure to thoroughly check all features and parts for ongoing problems.

Check For Rust In Your Used Static Caravan

It’s easy to assume a used static caravan is predominantly plastic. However, there are a lot of metal components too, and these usually make up the structure. As a result, it’s even more vital you check for signs of rust. It’s one thing to see rust in a decorative feature like external panelling, but if it’s spread to the internal structure it could significantly reduce the mobile home’s lifespan.

If you check for anything on a used static caravan for sale, look for rust. It’s by far the biggest risk and the hardest problem to fix.

Ask About A Warranty

A warranty is a great way to hold accountability to those responsible for selling mobile homes, whilst also providing peace of mind for buyers. A used static caravan trader will always be looking for a successful sale. As a result of this, they should be willing to provide a guarantee for the products they sell.

If they’re willing to stand by their caravans, then you can be confident all the appropriate work and checks have been carried out to ensure you won’t be coming back to them with costly issues.

Ensure All Drainage Is Functional

Pipework is essential to a functional mobile home. Be sure to check all toilets flush, no sinks are blocked and that there is no seepage from beneath the caravan during the process. Badly maintained or partially blocked drainage in a used static caravan can be subtle, but ultimately detrimental as it worsens.

Look Out For Leaks

The last thing to look for is leaks. This is a common issue in older used caravans, especially if you find them for sale in the winter. The most simple way to test the integrity of a mobile home’s roof is to view it on a rainy day. However, a hose or even a bucket should be enough to see any major leaks. Additionally, you can inspect the ceilings in each room, leaks usually manifest in dark spots, mould, and stains.

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