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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Static Caravan

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Having a summer holiday in the UK or staycation is becoming ever more popular and we’re seeing more and more people interested in investing in a static caravan. With such a wide range of options available in all shapes and sizes, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

When purchasing a static caravan there are a few things to consider. These include how much it will cost to run as well as where the caravan is based.

The Rise In Static Caravan Popularity

As people look for alternative holiday options from flying abroad, the increase in people interested in static caravans has risen dramatically. The traditional ‘home away from home’ that is a caravan holiday means that people are exploring the stunning areas of the UK that they have never seen.

With a static caravan, you can jump in the car any chance you get and have a spontaneous trip to the beaches of Cornwall. When deciding on a static caravan to purchase there are some things you should consider.

What To Consider When Buying A Caravan

It’s important when looking for a static caravan that you carefully consider the location of the park. You may find the most perfect caravan but if it is in an area that doesn’t appeal to you then you won’t get as much out of your investment.

Our caravans based in Cornwall all benefit from the picturesque beaches and landscapes of this beautiful county that so many flock to once the weather changes to sunnier times.

As part of our static caravan services, we also offer transportation services. This means that we are able to move your static caravan to a park of your choice so you can enjoy all aspects of the area you love.

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Location, Location, Location

How Long Do Static Caravans Last

Similarly to the location of your caravans, many caravan parks will have specific amenities that you might be looking for. This may include, swimming pools, clubhouses, gyms, water slides etc. It is important to understand that charges and costs might be different as well as facilities being very different from park to park.

Depending on the type of holiday you look forward to, this will determine the type of caravan park you would like your static caravan on. If you’re a younger family, you may be looking for family orientated sites that have busy activity calendars and entertainment.

Caravan Berth

This refers to the amount of people your caravan can sleep. This can differ quite a lot so it’s important to invest in a static caravan that can sleep your whole family. Ranging from 2-berth right through to 8 berths, the size of your caravan can affect a few things. For example, many sites only have room for specific sized caravans so transporting your caravan to a new site in the future may be an issue. Conversely, having a larger caravan means you can comfortably sleep your entire family or friendship group.

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Costs Of Running A Static Caravan

Something that is very important to consider is the ongoing costs of your new static caravan. There can be various costs that are required to owning a caravan such as site fees, utilities and insurance.

Site Fees – Static caravans may be required to pay essentially rent for staying on a particular plot. This will be a regular payment to the park and can differ based on various things. For example, the size of your caravan and the location of the park may mean higher site fees.

Likewise, particular plots of land will also have higher site fees such as coastal views or being closer to a beach may mean you pay more site fees.

Utilities/ Power – Caravans can either be gas or electric powered. Regardless, the power needs to be paid for during your stay. Many parks charge different rates so it’s worth researching these costs before investing in a caravan in certain areas.

Insurance – As with almost anything in life, insurance for your caravan and it’s content is also an additional regular cost.

Buying A Static Caravan

Purchasing a static caravan has never been easier than with Keith Cheesewright. We sell both new and used models in a variety of places around the UK including Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Brand New Caravans

It’s like having a home away from home when you have your own brand new static trailer. You’ll be able to collect your belongings and travel to your static caravan for a staycation in your own amenities.

All of the caravans we provide are top-of-the-line, high-quality models, making them fully hassle-free and comfortable. The following are some of the advantages:

  • Hassle-Free Holidays
  • Money-Saving Option
  • Earn Money
  • Picturesque Views
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • No Future Accommodation Costs

Second Hand Caravans

Buying a used static caravan is a great way to have all of the benefits of owning a luxurious vacation home at a lower cost. Our wide selection of used static caravans in Cornwall compete with new caravans by offering a high-quality investment at a lower cost.

We can provide our customers with the required knowledge to ensure that we discover the ideal holiday property to fit their needs, whether it is for purchase or as a vacation rental. We’re confident you’ll find a home away from home with us, regardless of your needs or budget.

Contact Us For More Information On Purchasing Static Caravans In Cornwall

Our experienced team are experts in all aspects of caravaning and are able to answer your enquiries and offer advice on all the caravans we have in stock. Contact us for more information or visit our showroom in St. Austell.

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