Static Caravans for Sale Cornwall

used static caravans cornwall
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When you want to buy a new static caravan finding the ideal static caravans for sale in Cornwall can seem daunting but being informed and knowing what you want can be all so important. What do you want your static caravan for? Is it for holidays or making a bit of extra money? Either way, knowing how a static caravan could work for you can give you a head start.

Can You Live in a Static Caravan All Year Round

The answer to can you live in a static caravan all year round is not a simple one. This is mainly dependant on the site you have your new caravan stationed at. Each park will have its own rules as to how long you can be resident at your caravan. There are some parks that will allow all year-round residency in certain areas but there are others that limit the period you can stay at your caravan.

The easiest way to find out is to ask in advance and if you would  like to live in your static caravan or spend longer periods in residency, you will be able to seek out a park to suit. Afterall this is an investment in your future and knowing the rules of your park are key to getting the best experience.

Is a Static Caravan a Sensible Investment

As with the majority of purchases, there will be a certain amount of deprecation in value but in the long term, a well-maintained static caravan in a good park can make you money. In many cases, people rent their static caravan when they are not having holidays. This means the cost of ground rent and maintenance can covered and also give you some extra income.

Just think, if you only use your caravan 4 weeks a year, that gives you 48 weeks of opportunity to make extra money. Do remember to check your parks rules on renting out your static caravan, they may also be able to help you rent it for a small fee. So, the simple answer is yes, a static caravan can be a great investment.

Static Caravan Cost Cornwall

The cost of a static caravan varies depending on your requirements. If you have a big family then you don’t want to be crammed in, so going for the right size to suit your needs is important. You can also save money by buying a used static caravan, they are in many cases, just as good as brand new. This is the case when they have been properly maintained. Here at KC Caravans we have a great range of used caravans to suit you and your family, So take a look and see just how great they can be. Contact KC Caravans and our team today and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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