Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

Static Caravan Maintenance Tips
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If you have had a static caravan for years or you are new to ownership. Maintenance is key to keep your static caravan lasting for years of enjoyment. We have put together some static caravan maintenance tips to help you keep on top and guide you when it’s time to contact a professional, like us at KC Caravans.

Maintenance Of Your Static Caravan

Maintenance of your static caravan is easier than you think and by keep up with it you will get many years of great holidays and getaways. By keeping an eye on the key parts of your caravan you will be able to repair any issues before they become major problems.

– Gutters & Roof- Keeping them clear of debris during the colder months. Any water builds up can result in leaks and as a result possible damp patches inside.

– Outside Panels- This is a general maintenance, clean the outside regularly, this will allow you to spot any possible issues.

– Chassis Corrosion- Check regularly and should any rust appear, treat them as soon as possible. Remember, a lot of caravans are near the sea and can be affected by rust and corrosion more than caravans on other sites.

– Damp – This may seem like odd advice, but it works! Leave your curtains open when you are not in the caravan during the Winter, Autumn and Spring months as this will air the caravan. Leave large bowls with salt in around the caravan to draw any moisture from the air and furnishings.

– Gas & Electrical Appliances- Get any appliances regularly checked such as, boilers, kettles, fridges and ensure all are turned off when you are not at the static caravan. If you are letting your caravan, these are all standard requirements. So, keeping on top of them is vital.

– Water- Checking water pipes, especially before colder months is important. When you’re not at your caravan ensure the water is turned off, in the winter if your pipes should freeze this will allow you to combat the chances of a flood.

Contact Your Local Caravan Specialist

Now these points are just some of the major maintenance points and should you not be sure if you can handle the repair. Contact your local caravan specialist. Here at KC Caravans we have extensive experience in static caravan repairs in Cornwall and beyond. Our professional staff will be able to talk you through the process and give you the best advice for your static caravan.

Static Caravan Repairs Cornwall

For Static caravan repairs in Cornwall, KC Caravans offer static caravan repairs Devon, Somerset, and all surrounding areas. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have all the necessary expertise for the job. Furthermore, our expert team ensure to meet all our customer’s requirements 100% of the time, to ensure full customer satisfaction. Contact us today for help with your static caravan.

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