Should You Rent Your Static Caravan

Static Caravans To Rent
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Want to know if you should rent your static caravan? With the warm summer months quickly approaching, you may want to seize the opportunity for a return on your investment. Whether you have been considering letting your static home to members of the public or your friends and family, there is just a few things you must think about.

Caravan Park Rules And Regulations

Before placing your static caravan up for grabs, you really should consider your park rules and regulations concerning third-party lettings. While many will be completely fine with this, some oppose indirect lets and bookings. To avoid painful fines or penalties, communicate with your park to ensure third-party lets are permitted.

Renting Your Static Caravan

When it comes to pricing your caravan, you are going to want to get the best price possible. A good way to find out how much people would pay for your caravan, is conducting some research into what others charge. While you might be tempted to price your caravan sky-high, you need to take a realistic approach. Consider the caravan’s age, make and location. Of course, if your caravan is new, a top make, and in a desirable location, you can be more demanding.

Marketing Your Static Caravan

Obviously, you cannot expect a crowd of eager tenants without making any advertising effort. This can be done simply if you are doing it through the residential park. If you are advertising it yourself however, you will need to sort print and online advertisements, or depend on word of mouth.

Caravan Cleaning Cornwall

Before you show your caravan to prospective tenants, you will need a service to perform a caravan cleaning in Cornwall. If your caravan has been well used over the years, chances are, it has become a little grubby. You will be pleased to know that, here at KC Caravans, we offer maintenance services for used static caravans, including carpet restoration.

To make your home appealing to potential tenants, you will need to give it some adequate furnishing. From providing fresh bedding and kitchen essentials to plush couches and curtains, taking care of the little things will make a difference when it comes to price expectations.

Static Caravan Repair Cornwall

If your static caravan has endured some wear and tear, you are going to need a static caravan repair in Cornwall. You will be pleased to know that, here at KC Caravans, we offer a wide range of repairs and maintenance services for used static caravans. Some of the repair and maintenance services we offer include:

Full Installations
Siting Installation
Heating System Repairs and Maintenance
Accidental Damage Repairs
Installation and Repairs of carpets, windows, kitchen units and doors

Used Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

If you are in St Austell or anywhere in Cornwall, get in touch with us on 01726 852782 to get your static caravan back in pristine condition.

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