Sell Your Tourer and Buy a Static Caravan

Sell Your Tourer and Buy a Static Caravan
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No matter if you want a short or long break having a caravan has lots of pluses but if you have a tourer, would you consider selling for a static caravan? Well, we will show you why you should sell your tourer and buy a static caravan. You will see these unique holiday homes are just perfect for you and your family.

Save Yourself Some Time

No one really likes packing for a holiday. Have you remembered this? Have you forgotten that? One of the biggest bonuses of a static caravan is the majority of items you need are already there and waiting for you. If you wish you can even have a full set of holiday clothes ready to go. See, so simple and no more packing up the tourer.

Better Facilities

Some tourers do have facilities but it can be rare and they tend to be small. Static caravans bathroom and kitchens tend to be much bigger and they are truly home from home. Also there is no chance you have to stand in a queue at the toilet block. They are all set up just how you like them.

A Static Caravan Has More Space

In some cases a static caravan can be over three times bigger than an average tourer. With plenty of space for you an your family to spread out, with no feeling of being on top of each other. Static caravans also have much bigger sleeping spaces, so if you want a bit of privacy then this is the perfect choice.

A Static Caravan Can Make You Money

We would all like to be on holiday all year around but this is not the case. When you are not using your static caravan, you could rent to other holiday makers and make some extra money. A perfect way to pay for maintenance and any ground rent that may be payable.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

Well there you have it. All the reasons why you should sell your tourer and buy a static caravan. Here at KC Caravans, as well as a huge range of new static caravans, we also have a comprehensive range of used models for sale Cornwall. Contact us to discover the perfect static caravan for you.

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