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Sell Your Tourer and Buy a Static Caravan

Sell Your Tourer and Buy a Static Caravan

Having a caravan has many advantages, whether you desire a short or extended trip, but if you have a tourer, would you consider selling it for a static caravan? We’ll explain why you should sell your tourer and invest in a static caravan. You’ll notice that these one-of-a-kind vacation houses are ideal for you and your family.

Save Yourself Some Time

Nobody enjoys packing for a vacation. Have you kept this in mind? Have you forgotten all about it? One of the most significant advantages of a static caravan is that the bulk of your necessities are already there and waiting for you. You can even have a complete set of Christmas outfits ready to go if you like. See, it’s that easy, and there’s no need to pack up the tourer.

Better Facilities

Some tourers do offer amenities, although they are uncommon and usually modest. Bathrooms and kitchens in static caravans are typically more larger, making them a true home away from home. There’s also no chance you’ll have to wait in line for the restroom. They’re all set up the way you want them.

A Static Caravan Has More Space

A static caravan can be up to three times the size of a typical tourer in some instances. There will be plenty of room for you and your family to spread out without feeling crowded. Static caravans also feature much larger sleeping areas, so if you want some privacy, this is the best option.

A Static Caravan Can Make You Money

We all wish we could be on vacation all year, but that is not the reality. When you’re not using your static caravan, you may rent it out to other vacationers to earn some additional cash. This is a fantastic way to pay for maintenance and any ground rent that may be due.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

Well there you have it. All the reasons why you should sell your tourer and buy a static caravan. Here at KC Caravans, as well as a huge range of new static caravans, we also have a comprehensive range of used models for sale Cornwall. Contact us to discover the perfect static caravan for you.

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