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Used Static Caravans For Sale In Cornwall

used static caravans cornwall

The process of purchasing a Used Static Caravan in Cornwall can seem daunting when you don’t know what you’re looking for. But knowing how many people you need to accommodate and for what purpose you will use the Caravan will give you a great head start. At KC caravans, we have a wide range to choose from. Don’t hesitate to call us or visit our lovely show site in St Austell, Cornwall for more information.

Our Range of Used Static Caravans in Cornwall

When making any large purchases, it’s tough to choose from a large number of options. If you know what your priorities are, it’s easier to narrow down which used static caravans in Cornwall you want to look at.

Customers usually choose caravans based on their size, pitching location, model, and pricing. If you have all of this information to hand, you can show a member of KC Caravan’s team and they’ll show you the models we have available to suit your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at caravans is whether or not you’re able to access your static caravan all year. Some parks do not allow owners onsite 12 months of the year, which may influence your choice of where to pitch. You don’t want to buy a used static caravan just to discover that your favourite caravan site isn’t operating in the months that you wish to use it.

used static caravans cornwall

Full Service and Quality Inspection

If you invest a large sum of money in any product, you expect quality. You’ll be reassured to know that all of our used static caravans in Cornwall go through extensive quality inspections. Regardless of it being ‘used’, the caravan will still be serviced to a high standard. We know that you’d expect a second hand car to be in great condition, so why should it be any different for a caravan?

We ensure that all of our previous caravan owners have properly maintained and cared for their mobile home. In addition, we also carry out a full service on aspects like guttering and roofs / outside panels / gas & electrical appliances and more before sale. All our used Caravans will come in great condition. Quality remains high from our expert staff who ensure that all our rigorous inspections are done prior to a new owner.

Treated Against Water Ingress

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering water in your tent or mobile home while on vacation. For those unfamiliar with the term, water ingress occurs when water from the outside enters a structure or property. Penetrating damp is another name for it. 

No static caravan owner should have to wake up damp, regardless of whether their static caravan is new or used. During the winter and spring months, we suggest leaving windows open when not indoors. We know it seems ridiculous, but believe us when we say that it works! It will assist in the ventilation of your mobile home. Alternatively, salt dishes strewn about the caravan should suffice to absorb any excess humidity.

used static caravan cornwall

View Our Second Hand Static Caravans in Cornwall Today

Because a caravan is a significant investment, it’s worth taking time to consider your options. You want the ideal holiday for your family, so you’re looking for the best Used Static Caravan in Cornwall.

This is an important investment, memories will be made in the caravan. So for something as important as your family’s holiday, you want to be viewing a range of caravans in detail. Let KC Caravans guide you. Come on down to our show site in St Austell, Cornwall or contact one of our team today.

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