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Used Static Caravans – Help and Advice

used static caravans - help and advice

Used Static Caravans offer an alternative escape for your holiday with the luxury of your own home, and the big money savings. Let us guide you with our expertise to find a possible future holiday home.

So don’t hesitate to contact KC caravans Ltd today.

Should I Buy a Used Static Caravan ?

Everybody has an opinion about anything that is “used”, but in the case of a used static caravan, it is still a worthwhile investment?. Yes they have had previous owners, but our dedicated team make sure that they are well maintained so that you and your family can enjoy your deserved break at any time of the year!

They make for a great cost effective alternative then splashing the cash on a alternative holiday. So when purchasing, you can rest easy knowing you will stay in a luxury mobile home with some money saved in your pocket!

But you need to ask yourself, what Used Static Caravan will be best for me?

Buying A Used Static Caravan

What To Check Before Buying a Used Static Caravan ?

Regardless of its previous ownership, a Used Static Caravan is an investment. So therefore you want to check every aspect of an investment like you would a car.

Maintenance Records

First things first you will want to check the maintenance record of the caravan. Basic maintenance of your caravan will help it last for many years of enjoyment. Anything you are unsure about in regards to your caravans maintenance should be taken up with an expert (like KC Caravans for example!)

Variety of Static Caravan

As we know, Caravans are an investment not just as holiday homes. They are potentially short-term housing, so you want to get your decision spot on.

Whatever your desire you need to ask yourself  “what do I want to get out of my Static Caravan?.” – to a family, Size and style are key influences. So its always a good idea to keep the berth size of your family in mind. For example if you have a family of five, its best to go for a five or a six berth ( for that extra bit of room)

How long do Static Caravans Last?

We’ve briefly touched on this, but with good maintenance and care, a Used Static Caravan can last up to 10 years !

Obviously there are factors effecting this. For example, how often you have maintenance, or how long the moderator will let you pitch your caravan. Or even if you have upgrades to your mobile home.

We will say it again – A USED STATIC CARAVAN IS AN INVESTMENT. So regardless of its past, it is worth the time and effort and cost to make countless memories. If you take care of your caravan, your caravan will take care of you for many years to come.

Buying A Used Static Caravan

Used Static Caravan Prices

Price is one of the most influential factors regarding any product. So we have set our prices based on Age, Size and Model. And as discussed you will be cutting costs by a considerable amount by choosing to go second hand, and getting the same quality caravan!

For more information about specific prices please don’t hesitate to give us a call or come visit our Sunny St Austell, Cornwall show site for a better view.

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