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Rules For Living In A Static Caravan

Static caravan in trailer park. Scarborough, England

For many people, the idea of living in a static caravan seems like the perfect answer to living a quieter life and an affordable way to live. Although do you know the rules for living in a static caravan? There aren’t many but you need to know them if this is the way you want to go. Below you will find some handy hints to remember.

Can You Live Permanently in a Static Caravan

This is a yes and no answer, and it is all dependent on the site your static caravan is located at. Some sites do not allow year-round residence and others spilt their sites into residential and holiday makers. The company who runs your site will be able to tell you how it works. There are of course sites that strictly are residential, this is very helpful if you ant to live there all year-round.

As we have said, check with your site and they will be able to tell you their rules, also if there are any charges that will be made over the year.

How Many Months of the Year Can I Live in a Static Caravan

As we have said above, this will vary from site to site. Some sites only allow you to be in residence for certain periods and others will allow a mix of both. Check with your site and they will have all the information you need.

If you can only stay for certain periods, you can always use your static caravan to make some extra money. In the period you are not in your static caravan, you can rent to holiday makers and make some extra money, that can go towards ground rent and maintenance costs.

Speak to a Static Caravan Expert Today

Speak to your local static caravan expert, like us at K C Caravans. We will be able to advise you, not only on the best static caravan to buy but how you can find the ideal site for you and your family. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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