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Pros and Cons of Touring and Static Caravans

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The uncertainty of Brexit may be the reason that more and more British holiday goers are choosing a “Staycation” in their touring and static caravans. With easter approaching, it is now estimated that 3.5 million people will visit UK campsites, caravan holiday centres and leisure parks.

Like many Brits, if you are considering buying a caravan, you have 2 options – touring and static caravans. To help aid you in this decision here are some pros & cons:

What Is A Static Caravan?

Static caravans are often referred to as “mobile homes” they cannot be towed behind a car, however It’s relatively easy to transport them to a holiday park but once planted, they usually remain in that spot.

The Pros Of Owning A Static Or Mobile Home

Static caravans are equipped with nearly everything needed in a home. They offer more spacious areas than touring caravans and normally range between 2-4 bedrooms.

Modern static caravans come equipped with fully functioning, fitted kitchens with integrated appliances and proper bathrooms. They also come double glazed and have central heating!

Another pro is the availability of when you can visit your holiday home. Since your caravan is sited you won’t need to worry about towing. This also enables you to visit the caravan for not only family holidays, but also for short/long weekends.

A well-organised leisure park will ensure your caravan is secure, as well as ensuring that communal areas are well maintained, and rubbish is disposed of. Staff will always be on hand to fix anything that goes wrong.

And to top it off, you can even rent out your holiday home when not in use, as some holiday parks have authorised letting agents they can assist with the process. This is as a valid source of income for when your holiday home is not in use.

And one of the most obvious benefits is the freedom to use the caravan parks facilities and entertainment.

The Cons Of Owning A Static Or Mobile Home

While the cons are small, they are still present. Parks that don have 12-month licence for example close over the winter which means you can’t use your holiday home during that time.

The only other con is that when wanting to move your static caravan to another park, you will need a specialist transport vehicle. Unfortunately, these holiday homes cannot be moved via car and the transportation can be expensive depending on where it needs moving to.

Buying A Touring Caravan

A Touring caravan could be an easier option for you, as these can be transported via a tow. Think, how many caravans have you seen down the motorway during the summer? Probably a lot!

The Pros Of Owning A Touring Caravan

The premise of a touring caravan is in the name, you can tour round unlike to a static caravan. You don’t have to stay in one place and can visit many different locations because you are towing your accommodation around with you.

The beauty of a touring caravan is the ability you decide you want a getaway and be on that holiday within a couple of days. You won’t need to worry about booking flights or accommodation as you carry round your holiday on the back of a vehicle.

There are more than 300 caravan and camping sites in Britain, so you can hit the open road and visit as many as you like.

The Cons Of Owning Touring Caravans

Alike to the static caravan there are downsides to touring caravans:

Depending on your local council, restrictions may be in place that stop you from keeping a caravan on your drive. Smaller caravans may just about fit in your garage, but larger models will require more space.

As well as the space, not every car can tow a large caravan down the motorway unfortunately. You must check your engine size before planning a staycation. The engine must be powerful enough, this could mean renting a vehicle – adding costs.

Alike to static caravan parks, campsites often close during the winter. If they don’t close completely they may shut down their facilities meaning timing may not be as flexible as you would imagine.

How To Choose Between A Touring Or Static Caravan

Both the tourers and static caravans are viable options for an enjoyable getaway. However, it is not unusual for Brits to prefer the static caravan after a few years.

The hassle of finding somewhere to keep it and the lack of space often have owners looking at alternatives to touring to caravans. If purchased for family holidays, the touring caravans won’t provide the space that a static caravan (holiday home) will provide. Static caravans are perfect for those family vacations – with most parks having kids’ facilities to encompass the whole family.

Whatever your choice of caravan, you can be certain that KC Caravans will provide you with the upmost stable, spacious and cost-effective caravan. Contact us today for more information into touring & static caravans.

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