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Planning Your Staycation? Choose A Caravan Holiday

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The popularity of staycations has increased greatly over the last few years. This could be due to many reasons like the cost of travelling abroad and the fact that more areas of the UK are being discovered as real beauty spots for holidaying. 

Through 2020 staycations became a matter of escape for many due to various lockdowns and the inability to travel to other countries freely and since then many people have changed their perception of a good staycation. 

What is a staycation?

Staycation otherwise known as a holistay is the colloquial term for holidaying in the country you live in. Staycations have become increasingly popular throughout the years as the UK has benefitted from warmer summers and the price of travelling abroad has increased.

Staycations are synonymous with caravan holidays as they often offer the best value for money and the parks are located in popular tourist destinations such as Cornwall. The versatility of a caravan holiday means that you can try many different activities in the local area and there are no barriers such as language or the changing of currency. What’s not to love?

The Benefits of a staycation

The benefits of staying at home to holiday differ for everyone but fundamentally the ones mentioned below are some of the top. We think that these sort of holidays are going to continue to increase in popularity for years to come.

Saving Money

Travelling abroad can be costly, from plane tickets & hotels to just day to day activities being pricier in resorts. With a caravanning holiday, they are typically cheaper than a holiday abroad which means you can pack in that much more fun.

Generally in caravan parks there are other facilities that you can benefit from too such as pools and clubhouses whilst still having your own space to enjoy on your own. All of this comes at a price that’s on average cheaper than your standard holiday abroad.

Buying A Static Caravan
Dog playing on the beach in Cornwall

Your Pets Can Come

One of the greatest benefits to a staycation is that you can bring your pet! They deserve a holiday too and there’s nothing better than watching them playing on the beaches of Cornwall.

When you purchase a static caravan, it becomes a home away from home that you and your pets can enjoy whenever you want to just get away from the stresses of life.

Travelling Is Easier

One thing many of us do not look forward to when going on holiday. With flying being one of the main reasons for not travelling abroad, a staycation can eliminate any reason for difficult travelling options. Simply jump in the car on a friday afternoon with your bags packed and head down to your caravan.

Static Caravans VS Touring Caravan
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Minack theatre in Cornwall view from the sea

Discover Hidden Gems

There are so many areas of the UK that are jam packed full of hidden wonders just waiting to be explored. You really don’t have to travel far at all to find some of the amazing attractions of this beautiful landscape. Cornwall alone has hundreds of lost gems that really show the culture and rich history of the area. Take a look at this article by Cornwall Live.

When you own your own caravan, the only constraint you may have is the time you have at it. When you buy a caravan in Cornwall, you really won’t want to leave. Exploring all of the majestic and beautiful landscapes and beaches will really make you wonder why you ever even considered foreign holidays. Don’t just take our word for it, Travel Supermarket ranked Cornwall as the No.1 staycation destination in the whole of the UK!

Better For The Environment

Not only is a staycation cheaper and easier to manage but it’s also better for the environment! An average plane journey from London Gatwick – Barcelona can create roughly a third of a tonne of C02! To put this into perspective a typical journey from London to Cornwall in your car creates around 0.07 tonnes! This means by staycation, you are being much more environmentally friendly.

There’s always ways to explore Cornwall too whilst staying environmentally friendly. Bringing your bike with you or paddle boarding can be nice ways to explore. 

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Contact Us To Enquire About hiring or Purchasing a Caravan In Cornwall

We sell and hire out top quality static caravans in Cornwall to make your staycations as enjoyable as possible. Our team is on hand to assist with any questions you may have about our products. Contact us today!

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