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Maintenance Tips for Static Caravans

Static Caravan repairs

Your new static caravan offers you a well-deserved holiday, however they do require some basic maintenance and repairs. There are some steps you can take to make sure your holiday home remains in the best condition. By following our tips, you can enjoy your holiday while making sure that there are no issues that could turn into bigger repairs in the future.

Your Caravan’s Exterior

The exterior of your static caravan is just as important as the inside. Remember to clean out your gutters regularly to avoid a build up of leaves that can cause blockages. Over time, leaves can equally damage the roofing materials so keep this area clear. We also suggest inspecting for rust patches, especially for any corrosion on the anchor chains. Keep your caravan clean from bird lime, tree sap and other pollutants as they can eventually cause wear and make your home look run down.

Inside Your Holiday Mobile Home

There are also some inside checks that you should carry out. Check for any water damage like damp, mildew or watermarks. This is a common problem and can lead to expensive repairs for caravans not maintained regularly. Open all the windows and doors when you arrive to give your home a good airing. Check all window seals to make sure no water is seeping through, and clear away any dust and spider webs.

You should also inspect all of your locks to make sure they are working properly. It may be a good time to have your central heating boiler and annual gas check carried out, as this is necessary for everyone’s safety. In addition, always check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms!

Deck Maintenance

If your caravan has a wooden deck, this will require at least an annual clean or spruce up with paint. If you have the uPVC type, this will also need cleaning from general dirt and rainwater.

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