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How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Sale

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What You'll Need

Preparing your static caravan for sale is a fairly straightforward process but will be dependent on its age and condition. To be prepared, here’s a list of what you’ll need before you get started:


    • A knowledge of caravan maintenance or a professional tradesman

    • An appropriate budget depending on the condition of your static home.

    • Cleaning products

    • Basic cleaning and painting skills

    • A transportation company quote or the appropriate vehicle/trailer for towing.
    • Allow yourself at a couple of days to get your caravan ready for sale. You might need longer if more extensive work is required.

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Estimated Cost Of Preparing Your Static Caravan For Sale

The cost of preparing your static caravan for sale will vary massively depending on a few major factors. However, you can expect to spend the following on a new and well-maintained mobile home:

Cost: £300-£500

Step One: Assess The Condition

Before starting any work or contacting any professionals, it’s important to assess the condition of your static caravan. This will help you decide what major or minor issues need fixing first, how much it’s going to cost you, and ultimately if the price of repair outweighs the profit gained from the sale of your static caravan.

Step Two: Make Appropriate Repairs

Once any issues have been identified, it’s now time to start making the repairs. If you’re experienced in caravan maintenance, you can carry out a lot of these yourself. However, if it involves major jobs, complicated electrical work or something you’re not confident in, then we advise hiring a trusted professional to make all repairs.

Step Three: Cleaning & Finishing Touches

Now that your caravan is in working order, you can move on to the touch-ups on paintwork and the final clean. This is where your cleaning products come in. Be sure to pay attention to the small details, as first impressions count and a well-maintained, clean caravan will attract prospective buyers.

Step Four: Decide On A Price

Finally, you’re left with a functional and attractive static caravan for sale. At this stage you need to decide on the price of your mobile home. We recommend taking into account its age, size, condition and the cost of similar used models to figure out the right price. Remember, the higher the price the longer the sale, if you need to move it quickly then it’s advised to price on the lower end of the spectrum.

Get In Touch With Keith Cheesewright Caravans For Static Caravans For Sale

If you’re looking to purchase a new or used caravan, get in touch with Keith Cheesewright caravans. We’ve got decades of experience in the industry and are competent in all aspects of caravan models and maintenance.

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