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Buy A New Or Used Static Caravan

used static caravan

You have decided to buy a static caravan to make you and your family & friends staycations that bit more special with that home from home feel. Now comes the hard choice whether to buy a new or used static caravan. Both come with positive points, take a look and see which is the best for you.

New Static Caravan Sales

Brand new static caravans have the main pro of being ready to move into, no repairs or adjustments needed. Most new static caravan will come with an option to lay them out as you wish and with any added extras that you may require. Your new holiday home will be able to get a higher rental value, should you wish to make a little extra cash through your new purchase.

When you purchase a new static caravan, it will come with a much longer warranty than a used caravan, to cover any issues that may arise.

Used Static Caravan Sales

One of the major pluses of purchasing a used static caravan is price, the initial outlay will be less than a new model, but this doesn’t mean you get a lesser investment. By checking you are using a trusted seller, you can get a more than suitable static holiday home.

Most used static caravans have been properly maintained and cared for by their previous owners and will come in a great condition allowing you to start enjoying your holidays.

New & Used Static Caravans Cornwall

Should you decide to go for either the new or used static caravan, you will able to start enjoying staycations wherever you decide to set up your holiday bolt hole.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

If you require any further information on our new or used static caravans Cornwall, simply give our experts a call. Moreover, a member of our expert team will be on hand to offer you any advice you may require. We look forward to seeing you down at our show site soon!

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