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Best Caravan Services in Cornwall

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Our KC Caravan specialists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in everything from transportation to static caravan repairs and maintenance. Below you’ll find a list of the many caravan services we provide throughout Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset.

Transporting Mobile Homes

Caravan transportation is a very specialised and specialist sector. While the number of businesses providing this service may be limited, that does not mean you should have to sacrifice quality. KC Caravans is happy to be able to provide you with a particularly great caravan service in Cornwall, thanks to our 30 years of experience in the sector. Our service is not only free, courteous, and suited to each unique customer, but our drivers are also extremely knowledgeable in their field.

What Are Caravan Site Surveys?

As you are probably aware, it is critical that you have your site inspected to ensure that it is safe and suitable for a caravan. We can promise you that our inspections are conducted by qualified site surveyors and are always thorough. We place a premium on keeping your safety at the forefront of our services.

Does KC Caravan Services Cornwall provide the best Groundwork service?

Drainage and pipelaying are included in caravan groundwork services to remove damp and sewage from caravan waste tanks and to ensure that fresh water flows freely. Preparing and clearing caravan sites, such as removing concrete and plants, is also included. Not only does KC Caravans have a lot of experience with groundworks, but we’re also experts at laying and installing concrete platforms, which is crucial for preventing damp and flooding. We also guarantee that no matter how large the clearance is, we will complete it.

Static Caravan Repairs In The South West

KC caravans also has 30 years of experience in providing caravan repairs and maintenance across the South West region. Not only do we offer a vast array of services including Siting Installation, Full Installations and Levelling, for both used and static caravans, but we service motorhomes, twin-units, residential units and lodges.

Finally, you can be sure that, with KC caravans, you are in safe hands, as we guarantee to meet customer requirements 100% of the time!

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